House Rules

Thank you for renting our home, we hope you will find it as you expect it. We would appreciate you and your guest cooperation in a couple of areas, that will make your stay a safe and enjoyable. These will also help keep our home in the condition that you expect.


Check In/Out: In 4:00 pm. / Out 10:00 am.


Trailer Parking: Please do not park boat trailers at the house, please park all trailers at the Deerfield Resort designated boat trailer area and in accordance with their guidelines.


Auto Parking: Deerfield Resort does not allow parking on the streets. All automobiles must be parked in the driveway. Every auto must have a Gate Pass to enter the resort.


Hot Tub: Showering before use will help keep the hot tub clean. Suntan lotion and sweat from the sun will make the hot tub cloudy. Outdoor showers are provided for your use. The maximum capacity is 6 people at one time. Excessive splashing or over capacity will cause the GFI breaker to shut the hot tub off. Do not set the temperature above 102 degrees. Consult your physician before use.


Dock: Bumpers are provided to help protect your boat. Please untie any ropes or bumpers that you may bring yourself and remove all trash daily. NO WAKE in the cove. Please be courteous to other boats tied to neighboring docks, by idling in and out of the cove, jet skis included.


Trash Removal: All trash must be TIED in garbage bags and put in the trash bin in front of the driveway. You will be charged for trash that is not bagged. Please call 423-562-8659 when the bin becomes full, they will empty it as necessary if needed.


Kitchen: Please replace all kitchen items in the drawers and cabinets as illustrated. CAUTION: Please do not put boiling water or ice directly into the sink or on the countertop because the extreme temperature could crack the surface.


Gas Grill: The grill is connected to a main gas tank so no refill propane tanks are necessary. This grill is designed to cook with the LID OPEN, otherwise it will get too hot and burn your food and the grill. A lighter is provided in the grill drawer. Please clean the grill with the wire brushes and putty knife in the drawer of the grill.


Locked Closets, Garage, Cabinets, Dock Storage & Boat Lift: These are for owners use only.


Lower Driveway: The lower driveway is for walking only and not to be used to drive automobiles on. There have been numerous cars stuck in the past and therefore is locked off.


Boat Launch: Do not attempt to launch your boat at the house, there is a community boat launch just around the corner.


Pool Table: Please do not set drinks or anything else on the pool table and do not allow children to whip the balls by hand across the pool table, as it will damage the bumpers. Please cover when not in use.


Stereo: Other than your iPod, please do not hook up any other device to the stereo system. Do not disconnect or rearrange any wiring to or from the stereo. If you have any problems, please contact maintenance.


Cleaning: Please remove your shoes indoors. Please do not rearrange any furniture. Please treat the home as your own, as it will help keep it in the condition you expect when you arrive.


Maintenance: In the unlikely event you need maintenance during your stay, DO NOT attempt to fix anything yourself, please call Sherry Miller at (423) 562-8744. She has authorization on all maintenance issues.


At Your Own Risk: Use of anything on the premise including the house, property, hot tub, and dock are at your and your guests own risk. It is the renter’s responsibility to explain these rules to their guests and to abide by these rules. Any extra charges that may be assessed to owner along with any damage expense will be deducted from renters’ deposit.


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