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I have a passion to be on water and love to design and build homes. I have been coming to Norris Lake for over 47 years and have had the opportunity to see what type of homes are best suited for family and friends on the water, so this home has all the little things that take the hassle our of vacations and make me want to be there all the time.  My family and friends all still come to this special place where they have vacationed and built some of their best memories throughout their lives. The day I leave the lake, I already start to look forward to the next trip. Anyone who has spent time on Norris Lake at the Czarnecky Home will tell you it is a special place. As you can see by our reviews, we work had to make your vacation the same experience at the lake that I have had all of these years.

I custom designed and built this vacation home specifically for multiple families to enjoy Norris Lake. With 84 windows in the house, very room has a lake view so see the sun sets and wake up looking at the water. Close attention was to every detail so a vacation is relaxing and easy. It is large enough so it does not feel crowded, but give the closeness and warmth that families and friends are looking for.

A great dock seems to be overlooked. Your friends and family will end up spending the day on the boat and at the dock. The dock is covered with sun pad area, Adirondack chairs and picnic benches and a real ladder to get out of the water easily.

Night time on the lake and in the mountains is so peaceful. There are very few bugs out so relaxing by the fire pit is telling stories of your day is especially gratifying!

This house has all the conveniences to make your vacation relaxing. Large open kitchen and grate room for family interaction. Backup generator for the entire house so you will always have power air conditioning and heat for your vacation. If have ever vacationed in the mountains, you should always ask about a backup generator.


Average Spring $250/night

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